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SeaWorld often donates large sums of money to politicians - over $100,000 has been funnelled to lobbying groups since 2012.

Is it any surprise that many of the politicians who have been in support of SeaWorld recently have also received in excess of hundreds of dollars from the company?

Lets have some accountability, people.

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There comes a time when you stop being shocked about stuff like this, and just come to expect it.

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My group has been in contact with Ric O’Barry the last few days. We are going to do a screening of the Cove and Ric will come out to Las Vegas as a guest appearance. We need help funding the venue costs though. This could be a really big thing here for our movement in Las Vegas. If you are able to donate anything, we would really appreciate it. All extra money will be given to Dolphin Project. Thank you



I knew i misunderstood that email!  from Marine Connection:

Morgan appeal - verdict update 

According to an e-mail just received from the Court, the verdict of the December appeal hearing for Morgan will be given tomorrow, April 23rd, and will be available online from 10.15am. Marine Connection sincerely hope the court has come to the correct decision this time.



After the hunt it was time to celebrate. The calves that had been involved were especially excited.






We don’t let the killer whales kill their own fish because it’s not fair to the fish! LOL! Instead, we kill the fish and give it to them when its dead…

Is this even real? Corporate activists, you better have a damn good excuse for this idiocy…

What the actual…

Woah. First off kudos to who filmed this, thanks for asking the questions. Though its quite understandable that the trainer was getting a little worked up.

But damn… ethical reasons for not hunting fish in tanks? I would like to call bullshit.

The reasons i think they don’t have live fish is
    Money (catching and transporting live fish?)
     Time - during shows its easier to reward with a dead fish than plopping a live one in there and waiting for them to catch it
    Entertainment factor - Naturally humans tend to be empathic… and there is not much entertainment for some watching a killer whale rip apart a fish
    Survival- could fish survive in the water thats filtrated for them? it might need to be altered to support fish too and thats money again!

frankly if there were live fish I don’t think the whales would perform much at all.

and wow, dem logical fallacies. “is it natural in humans?” so glad the speaker denounce that with a human’s ability to choose.

and artificial insemination has only been ‘done’ four times but they sure do seem to try a lot.

Anonymous: The on the other side theory doesn't explain it because nets are see-through. They can see other dolphins on the other side, etc. It's a fine example of how even though people like to exaggerate how smart they are and call them non-humans, they are really still just animals, and there are many differences.

Yeah, it was just something I’d heard but I agree that it does have some holes in it. The only thing I can think of would be the stress of capture makes them panic and “not think straight”?

Also, you are welcome to your opinions on non-human persons, but even though we may perceive them as not being very intelligent, considering the problem to the nets seems so obvious to us, it’s not really a case of intelligence. Yes, that comes into play when determining non-human persons status, but it’s not the only factor. Others include, self-awareness, problem-solving abilities, empathy (which dolphins have demonstrated), the capacity for emotional expression, and so forth.

Dolphins are able to meet all the basic requirements for this status, so why should it not be granted?

littlestkaiju: (I answered in a reply but I'm sending an ask) Good rule of thumb for most common goldfish is; start with a 20 gallon for one (goldies are social though), and add 10g for every goldfish you plan to add. The filter size has to be double the gallons though to handle the waste. Obviously the bigger the tank the better! I would much prefer to have two goldies in a 50g with a 100g filter, you know? Personally I'm not ready for goldies! I have a betta in a planted 10g right now.

That sounds pretty reasonable. And of course I’d want any goldfish to have as much space as possible, it’s just a decent thing to do :’). Thank you for the added info!