Anonymous: Why do people use "intelligence" as an argument for anti captivity? I think that just gives people who are ignorant about animals another reason to categorize most of them as lesser beings. Also intelligence is a controversial measurement among humans ourselves, let alone bringing entirely different species adapted for different things into this. You can argue for anti captivity without being ignorant and ableist. Who cares if an orca is 'smart'? NO animal should EVER be abused.

I agree that no animal should ever be abused. But if you’re going to compare an orca with a goldfish, you are kidding yourself.

Some animals just have a greater capacity for things than others, this is a fact.

The intelligence of an animal denotes how difficult it may be to house said animal. An orca is a creature that is fairly complex, intelligent and self-aware. It’s cognitive abilities are quite advanced.

Comparatively, an animal with smaller needs is much easier to provide for. A person who is taking care of goldfish can keep them in appropriate housing and they will still live a happy, healthy life.

For orcas, this is virtually impossible.

Ableism is a term that is only applicable in the context of humans, I don’t think it can be applied to animals and I don’t think it should be applied to animals.


Pencils, 11 x 14

It’s finally done! I thoroughly enjoyed returning to pencils. You can see lots of progress images on my blog!





Based on the documentary, “Blackfish.”

I like that both whale and trainer are in bondage, and connected. Both depend on each other for their livelihood, and both suffer under the same company.

really really great illustration. truly it is.

freddy-krueger: do you know where i can find out about protests at sea world texas? id like to go to one ):


I’m afraid I’m not the best person to ask about this! :( Maybe some of my followers will know?


Empty The Tanks at Texas


Transient Killer Whale (by toryjk)

SeaWorld Bogus Critique Of Blackfish



Despite insisting that Blackfish is having no impact on its business, SeaWorld continues to invest heavily in a PR counter-attack on Blackfish and the former trainers who appear in the film.

It’s latest minute-by-minute critique of Blackfish was perhaps the most detailed, and most tediously off-base, critique it has issued yet.

Below you will find the Blackfish production team’s rebuttal. What’s…

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Thank you Tim


Editorial Illustration based on the documentary, “Blackfish.”  Line work inspired by Dan Mumford.

art ~ me




Hey guys! Still out on the water but look who we met up with. K-POD!!!



Gorgeous photo!


Ink and graphite
18 x 40 inches

All but one of these whales is now dead.
Representing the 45 individuals of the southern resident killer whale population that were captured and placed into aquarium facilies around the world. Each is represented as accurately as possible to their true markings.
Moby Doll, the first orca ever captured and put on display 50 years ago, is at the top. Tokitae/Lolita, the only survivor, is at the bottom. 

land-or-sea: hey!! (so i hope this isn't weird) i saw that in answer to the question about being outgoing or shy, you mentioned you had social anxiety. i have it and it's literally taken over my life, so i was wondering how you deal with yours, or your experience w it or really whatever you want to tell me haha


Not weird at all!

Mine is not too severe, but there are times where I feel like it chokes the life out of me. Meeting new people (mostly those who are my age) and speaking in public are the worst for me. The last time I had to give a speech I was so nervous I nearly threw up and I felt like I was going to pass out.

I’m deathly afraid of being judged. I hate being put on the spot, or called out. It eats me alive. I know it’s irrational, but apparently my brain doesn’t know that.

I haven’t really found a way to deal with it. I just sort of get through it I guess.

I have chronic anxiety issues as well as social anxiety. I’m taking psychology sessions to help ease the stress. I haven’t really started combatting it yet, but the process is basically going to be taking baby steps to confront and overcome what makes you nervous. According to my psychologist, avoiding whatever makes you anxious just perpetuates the cycle and makes it worse.